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$59.00 | 42 Euro
val/27/free delivery
$75.00 | 54 Euro
$78.00 | 56 Euro
$86.00 | 62 Euro
$87.00 | 62 Euro
$105.00 | 75 Euro
md/goug/1/vase included
$118.00 | 84 Euro

All flowers have a meaning and are designated to send a unique message. Many years ago, certain flowers had specific meanings because of the lack in the selection. It was the best way to communicate rather than talking. Nowadays, with the big amount of choices we have, no one sticks to the rules. Flowers to Bahrain will help you choose the right flowers that reflect you sentiments. We will respect your favorite colors and choices if they remind you of a special event or moment in your life. Your next step will be in sending them to your loved ones. Send flowers to Bahrain with our special service, and you will get the results you need.


With us, with Bahrain flowers, you will be able to order the most coveted plants, the most beautiful flowers, the most attractive arrangements. We will send them to you whenever you order them to any region of the country. We send flowers to Manama and to all the other villages also even if they are far away from the city. And in this case, you will certainly ask if the flowers’ quality will remain the same and as good as it is really. The answer is absolutely, because we have experts and gardeners in our team that guide and help us in this tough work. We think this is a very positive point that makes us different from the others and put us in the front just to be the leader in the market in the field of sending fresh flowers of best quality ever all over the world in order to please the biggest amount of people and make their life easier and happier.

Flowers of Bahrain will always bring the customers the most delicate, exotic and graceful flowers that can express love, beauty, passion, jealousy, happiness, compassion… Each of these feelings requires a certain type of flowers and a specific color that will reflect their meanings and make them be the best message you can send to a person in order to tell him something special in an occasion that means a lot to him. Bahrain flowers are the best way to tell your beloved one “I love you” or someone close to you “Congratulations” … You can make your own design if you want to, you can mix any kind of flowers together in order to make a personalized and a very special bouquet or arrangement that you won’t see in any other place. And if you don’t have any idea or something personal you want to share, flowers to Bahrain will help you, our experts will be at your service to organize and make you the most beautiful arrangements. Flowersmanama.com is the site that you can refer to 24 hours per day to see all the new ideas accompanied by the prices that will suit you very well because we do care about you, so we are awake all the time for your assistance and service.


I was astonished by the unique arrangement I received on my birthday last week thank flowers Manama you are the best in Bahrain

Thank you for your immediate help

I like the freshness of the flowers you always send to Bahrain

The arrangement made for father’s day was great thank you very much



It’s not the first time I order flowers from you and you delivered on time, thanks to all your Staff

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